Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cypress Gardens $5.00 Fridays in September

Cypress Gardens in Central Florida is having a special for the month of September - $5.00 admission plus you can upgrade your tickets for a season pass through December for only $10. Wow! The admission is generally $39.95 so this was a steal of a deal and we had an awesome time. They have a ton of rides and when we went (yesterday) there were basically no lines. The boys had so much fun riding on all the different kiddie rides and they even tried out the roller coaster. Eli said "It made my tummy hurt!" He was not inclined to go on it again. I rode on the wooden rollercoaster 6 X in a row without departing so that tells you how it busy it was. We had so much fun in the ride area that we ran out of time to see the gardens, ski show, butterfly house, aviary, plus quite a few rides. I would highly recommend homeschoolers taking advantage of this deal!!!

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