Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Excitement is in the air as we prepare for Kindergarten! Elijah will be starting K in September. After several years of research and consideration, I have settled upon my choices for Eli's curriculum. I love what we'll be doing this year!!! For Bible, I decided to use Bible Truths K (BJU). Max will be joining us for this part of the day. We will be using RIghtStart Math Level A, a program emphasizing understanding math as opposed to memorizing without knowing why. For reading I am using a combination of materials that mesh with my philosophy of teaching reading. We will mainly be using Reading A to Z and Patricia Cunningham's Making Words Kindergarten. When Eli is ready, we will also use All About Spelling. We are using Handwriting Without Tears for letter learning and penmenship. Max will be joining us for our unit study which will be either a unit or a Five in a Row book. We are starting the year with Evan-Moor's Nursery Rhyme Pockets. This should be a wonderful year!!!