Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Our preschool year is beginning with great excitement! We are using Handwriting Without Tears - PreK, Right Start Math - Level A, Before Five in a Row, and Lapbooks/Units from Handwriting Without Tears has incredible manipulatives that will help facilitate pre-writing skills and alphabet recognition. We used them for the first time this week and the boys went nuts! There are wood pieces for constructing the letters, magnetic pieces that match to stamp the letters, dough to form the letters, and miniature chalkboards. I learned about Right Start math from fellow homeschoolers and am so excited about it. The point of this math program is for children to truly understand math as opposed to just memorizing. It is manipulative and game based with very few worksheets. Perfect for hands-on boys!!! We will probably be using level A for Pre-K and KIndergarten depending on Eli’s progress. If it gets hard, we will play the math games until he is ready to move on. I’ve read the manual and can’t say enough how awesome it is!!! This month we are rowing : “Yellow Ball” and “My Blue Boat” which are both Before Five in a Row books. We are using materials from to go along with the titles. Oh, I have submitted several really fun preschool units at homeschoolshare that you might want to check out. They are all very boy friendly as you might expect! The topics are Feathers for Lunch, Hello Ocean, Mrs. Wishy-Washy, Owl Babies, and Trains which can be found at and Human Body and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star which can be found here . I plan on posting reading helps for homeschooling parents over the next few months focused on elementary aged students (especially ones who are struggling) so stay tuned.

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Rachel said...

Hey there!

Thanks for your help with Twinkle Twinkle -- I wrote it for my girls, so it is girl friendly, too lol!

I love your blog! The information you shared about "making words" was GREAT! My girls are about the same age -- my oldest will be 4 in November and my youngest will be 3 in January. Both now all their letters and sounds (thank you Letter Factory lol) and my oldest can read most three letter words, but I have been hesitant to really do a program with her. These books sound fun and casual, which is perfect!

I love Right Start too and plan on using that :-) And we did BFIAR last year and started with those two books and had a blast - we did them together as well! We actually did both in one week, there wasn't enough meat for us in them to each take a week, but it was a very full and fun week!

Thanks for sharing and I will DEFINITELY be coming back!