Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Owl Babies Lapbook & Activities

We just finished a unit that I created for the boys using "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell. You can find the unit here - http://www.homeschoolshare.com/owl_babies.php . Most of the items in the lapbook are available on that website. I also scanned the picture of the giant owl from a wonderful book called "All About Owls" by Jim Arnosky. This nonfiction book was a wonderful compliment to use with "Owl Babies" which is a fiction book. I am absolutely amazed at how my owl counters came out as I am not artistic in the least. They were exceedingly easy to make and I'm sure will get plenty of use over the next few years. Making the owl picture with the pretzels for the branch was a lot of fun and I was amazed how they turned out!!! We used chex mix for the embellishments (round pretzel eyes and noses). The boys loved the lacing cards and I think it afforded them some fun fine motor practice. I think I will incorporate this in a few more future units. All in all owl babies was a hit!!!

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Stephanie K. said...

I liked that a lot! We have an owl that lives in our woods, and I LOVE to listen to him/her? hooting at night.